Anger Amongst Youth: Decline in Social Order

Good parenting is most pivotal for the good upbringing of your child. When a child becomes teen, it is not that easy to manage him as he is growing as an adult and there are lots of mental and physical changes that take place in him which is just a normal course. At this important stage, the parents must understand the child and his problems. Although some children get due care from their parents, yet most of them don’t get proper attention which lead them towards an aimless goal.

In this current generation, we are creating the crowd of the angry children due to their not so good way of thinking and endless eccentricity of their age. They want to get a thing then and there and to wait is not accepted to them. They are not willing to make sincere efforts in achieving their goals. As they want immediate results, they turn to negativity if they don’t get them in a desired way. There are many instances where parents fail to treat their children in a good way which results in making them disruptive and aggressive. The behavior of today’s youth is much different from the youth of the past. While the old generation was very keen in undertaking their goals with full enthusiasm and a zeal to get a respectable place in the society, today’s youth is in a hurry and is engulfed into several burning issues of the society such as unemployment, overpopulation, bad education scenario in the country, disparity in the social order and so on. That is why young people indulge in unsocial/illegal activities to fulfill their desires of attaining high place.

Consequently, crime reports display the negative attitude and the long-buried anxiety and depression emerging among the young generation due to the want of money and the non-availability of basic necessities of life. sometimes it is found out that some of the youngsters with good education backgrounds seem restless and commit heinous crimes to fulfill their immediate goals. To a greater extent several factors are responsible for the pitiable plight of youngsters such as apathy of teachers and parents towards their pupils/wards in regard to transforming high level human values, improper professional guidance, low moral attitude, negative impact of TV and Internet, Relationship. The lack of all these elements in youth lead them to robbery, road rage, cheating, being dropouts, misguiding people for their selfish motives.

Allocation of more and more funds in the field of education is quite inevitable so it is required that a desirable atmosphere of high level of educational system may be evoked. By that way,today’s younger generation will be able to get job according to their aspirations and will tend to make further high level researches in the field of medical science, nuclear science and a high level social order may evolve that will be a proper reward of honesty, fair and hard work. Undoubtedly, this new system will be a source of inspiration to those youngsters who become distracted and can move on a right track to meet real goals of life. Plus, the elders too can’t isolate themselves from the accountability and responsibility of proper upbringing of the young generation.

Influence Of Television On Today’s Youth

Being a youth myself, I have experienced the many results of media today. According to the olden days, media is supposed to be the ultimate source of information and entertainment, but to what extend is this source being utilized is my question? I do agree to the fact that people seek for entertainment pleasing to the eye and something that BBC and CNN or any other documentary channels do not provide. The very reason why I was compelled to bring to light this topic is the very fact that media serves as the main server of control for not only the youth but also the various stages of life starting from a mere 2year old up to well say…till the last breath of humanity. Media is so important in our lives today that it is so true, media is, in fact, one of those many things that keeps us going.

The power of media is something no body can define because it is something that we all look forward to the moment we open our eyes in the early morning and shut them with, that very night. In fact, media is so much a part of most of our lives today that we may not even realize how much effect it has on an individual’s life. We depend so much in media especially on television that we are even ready to skip breakfast but not dare miss that show on TV. Television is one of the best ways of driving information into our system, whether good or bad. We may not learn as much as through reading but through Television say watching television is one of the best ways by which we grab things that are so much catching to our eye. But are we learning the right things? Are we utilizing this information in the right manner?

Television affects us in many ways that majority of our actions are influenced by the movies and the music industry of today. Some of us even tend to live like the celebrities and TV stars, not knowing that in real life it’s going to be a completely different scenario. Television can unknowingly influence ones personality and can affect their surroundings as well. Most of us tend to live like the celebrities these days. In fact, not only do we talk like them, dress like them, walk like them, perhaps maybe even eat like them but we have also begun to behave like them, only difference is that they’re living the celebrity life where things could be a bit more different than that lead by an ordinary person. But too late, we have already started responding to matter irresponsibly thinking, just like how in the movies, it will all go away. We are living in a much different world now, a fantasy in which everything comes to our footsteps and all we need to do is ask for it or just wish. Nowadays we tend to worship the big stars and the huge personalities that when they cry, we too cry and when they laugh, we laugh with them. We have failed to discover ourselves or who we really are, instead, we rather prefer to hide beneath the cover in disguise and become what we’re not hoping that it will bring us more success than it would, if we be ourselves including changing our name thinking that if we modify an ordinary Sam Cristus to the ever popular Tom Cruise or a simple Bob Bitt to Brad Pitt, we have a better chance hitting it to the big office where matters are much more intense than just names. We are forgetting our duties as an individual and the very reason we are put into this world. I myself have experienced one simple example of how I failed to discover myself instead I always preferred being someone I was a huge fan of ‘Avril Lavigne’. I used to dress like her and try to act cool and developed a ‘don’t care about what others think’ attitude. But guess I had to learn it the hard way and finally, I came to my senses that, well, it is quite not practical when it comes to my lifestyle and from where I was brought up. But luckily, I was able to realize this one impractical act much earlier than it actually seriously affected me. So I was lucky, but maybe not many others who are still caught up in a whirlpool of illusions where they are lost trying to imitate their beloved artists or stars expecting the surroundings to react in the same manner as in movies and when things don’t go the way it should, we get unnecessarily frustrated and angry with ourselves and maybe even others around us. The ones affected are us not any of them. And we cannot blame anyone for it because it is just a matter of self realization and it involves just you and me. And why I prefer the youth to be addressed about this matter is because we make the majority of the world’s population and only we can do something about this and prevent those below us from engulfing into this ideal world where we have forgotten the real meaning of hard work and true success.

Recently, I had read about something that touched me immensely and I am sure most of you must have already read/heard the news about three school children who murdered two other kids in their same school thinking that owing to their death, their school will declare a holiday. What were these once innocent kids thinking? Do they really know what they were doing? Who do we blame? I do hope that watching too much of television was not one of the reasons for such an act, or the source from which they learnt all these techniques or even got their idea from. Where were their parents during all this?

Most of the music videos are all about love and sex or maybe even something in between. What happens to us is that, these thoughts stay in our head and knowingly or unknowingly we believe that that is how things are supposed to be and forget the real meaning of what we once knew and were taught. Well, life’s just not all about love or sex or fake personalities. It about how we live our life and what we do and how it’s done that counts because who knows how long we’ll be given the privilege to enjoy the luxury that every year offers us. I wish the songs and videos would contain more meaningful words and scenes instead of ‘I love you, you love me, I touch you, you touch me, I kiss you, you kiss me…well, these are things that all of us already know, I just wish they could sing about something more dramatic or meaningful, instead of showing young girls walking around hardly having anything on.. because trust me I’m having quiet a hard time making sure my nieces and nephews do not end up watching any of those at such an early age itself but how can I, every time I switch on my TV, all I see is this. I hope the younger generation, much below us, wont end up actually doing so in real life…or do they? I do wish the music producers and who ever is in control of this matter would do something about this instead of just focusing on the profit that is assured, when the youth or anybody for that matter is satisfied with the matter that is put to display. I really wonder if that’s going to ever work because money is something that can blind a person and as the saying goes ‘Money is something that people would even die for’.. Well, perhaps the only answer lies within us. So when do we begin hunting for it…maybe the day we start to experience it ourselves, But do we have to wait that long… What if that day never comes?

What about the times when our role models would be Princess Diana, Gandhi, Mother Theresa…oh yes, how times change…I remember as a child, when I was often asked who my role model was, I used to wonder who did the most for the people, and their good acts ?..But if asked me now, I don’t know who exactly to say…because right now I cannot think of anybody whose capable of winning that auspicious title these days especially among the youth who still has a long way to go about learning our cultures and traditions, and about how life used to be without the television and how people used to find happiness among their family themselves, when they used to work hard and truly believed in one person who brought us into this world. We the youth have still lots to learn about life and what all it has got to offer.

Let us not be ignorant any more. It’s high time we know what’s right and what’s truly wrong. Let us contribute and correct each other and teach ourselves how to become a true celebrity within ourselves and how to be a good role model among ourselves and maybe even one day be another version of our great leaders who had once given up their lives so that we live and enjoy the luxury that life is offering us now. How can we put all their efforts to waste? Let us be grateful to our ancestors who have worked hard for our future and thank them by our simple acts of goodness. Let us be someone, say a younger version of Gandhi perhaps.

Message From the Universe: Lack of Disappointment and Anger Equals Eternal Youth

“Disappointment, without anger, is the mark of an old soul.

Not being disappointed is the mark of a really old soul.

And trusting life so thoroughly that every step on its path is valued more than where it was supposed to take you, is the mark of eternal youth.

You hottie,
The Universe”

We all had many disappointments in our lives and because of the nature of some of these disappointments, extreme anger follows. Depending on how you manage this anger, you can allow yourself time to decompress a little and understand the nature of what triggered this disappointment and find the best plausible solution. Let’s say your kid comes back with really bad grades at school. You will show disappointment, which is totally obvious and most probably anger because of the probable causes as to why he or she is failing school. Anger will automatically follow and lots of frustration. Grounding might be the best solution when it comes to solving the existing problem. So let’s back up for a second. What really caused the demise of the kid’s grade? Was it because you, the parent, didn’t follow through and monitor his or her focus in school? Did you allow them to do whatever they wanted without providing structure so they can get back on track and do better in school? Do they have learning disabilities that you don’t know anything about but not trying to ask or figure out with the teacher how they interact in a classroom environment? You need to step up as a parent and get more involved and attend to their need or call for help. Bad grades can be an indirect message to you that your kid needs assistance. Be vigilant and show that you are present and that you care. This is where all this can change.

Disappointment could also originate from failed relationships, not getting promoted even though you worked your butt off at work, not reaching your desired health goals even though you starve yourself and work out 24/7. Life will come with so much more disappointment so you need to be ready to deal with them on a daily basis. I am not trying to be grim and disappoint you with my statement but this is what life is all about. Dealing with these challenges is definitely how everything else in your life will be externally related to positive or negative outcomes. If you allow yourself to brush off disappointment and not allow anger to come into the equation, you will start seeing changes, and in some case, really positive changes. Your perception and approach to finding solution will be made with enthusiasm and they (talking about disappointments) will eventually pass you by without leaving any negative feelings of any sort. You have matured to a point of being proactive when it comes to looking ahead with a positive eye, no matter what comes your way. They are 7 active muscle groups (more if we need to mention the micro muscles underlying the major ones) involved when you are angry:

Eyebrow frowns – your eyebrows are pushed down in the middle, and pulled up at the sides.
Nose wrinkle – your nose is pushed up as your brows furrow.
Nostrils flare – your nostrils get wider and are pulled up.
Eyes wince – your eye muscles are pulled together, making your eyes feel tense.
Lip snarl – your upper lip is pulled up, showing your teeth.
Lip corners depressing – your lip corners are pulled down, to illustrate your dislike.
Jaw clinching – your jaw muscles tense up, making your teeth clinch and grind.
and ONLY 3 when you are happy:

Forehead relaxing – your forehead muscles relax, bringing your eyebrows up a little.
Eyes smile – the outer corners of your eyes begin to wrinkle as muscles push them together. Only when you really smile!
Lips smile – your lip corners are pulled up, showing your lovely smile!
So why do we need to exert that much energy when angry? The choice is yours. Plus, no one like to be around people who show their angry side. Life is too short to live this way, and by allowing happiness into our lives, we learn to let go of any grudges and move forward to better living.

Top Five Reasons to Work With Troubled Youth

Working with troubled youth as a child psychologist, youth sponsor, social worker, or friend can be an exhausting, thankless job. Why would anyone choose to work at such a job? After all, the pay is usually nothing or next to nothing, the hours are often long and unpredictable, and sometimes you don’t even get to see the end result of all your labor. Well, there are actually several good and worthy reasons people choose to work with troubled youth, and here are the top five:

1. There’s a Huge Need: As the divorce rate skyrockets, drugs and alcohol are made ever more available, and television and songs portray more and more anger and violence, it’s no wonder that more teenagers and young adults are feeling lost and alone and are acting out against the people and systems they feel have put them in their terrible situation. One excellent reason to work with troubled teens, then, is that the need is great and that it is getting greater each and every day.

2. It’s Rewarding: Working with troubled kids is tough. It takes everything you have and then a little bit more. It’s not your typical nine-to-five job because when you really care about the kids you’re working with, you are either constantly thinking about them or almost always available to them. This is tiring, but it is also incredibly rewarding to know that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life.

3. It’s a Learning Experience: One would think that working with troubled youth would make you the teacher and the youths the learners, but this is very rarely the case. As with all good relationships, a relationship with a at-risk youth is a relationship of give and take. Even in the worst of times, working with troubled youths can help you learn to open up, be more patient, and let go of your petty little anger. Besides this, working with troubled youth can improve your communication skills, your listening skills, and your sense of understanding and empathy.

4. It’s Never Boring: Sitting at a desk all day answering phone calls and pushing papers can get stale in about five minutes. Working with troubled youth, on the other hand, never grows dull. Every day, you have to dig deep to find the strength you need to build solid relationships with troubled youth. Because no two kids are the same and one kid can become a different person between Monday and Friday, you never know what to expect, either. If you’re sick of doing the same exact thing day in and day out, working with troubled youth as a full-time job or a part-time passion might be a great solution for you.

5. It’s Worthwhile: Unlike some jobs that make you feel like you’re just a corporate cog, working with troubled youths allows you to really make an impact on the world, one kid at a time. With each life you change, you’re making the world a slightly better place, making the job all the more rewarding and interesting.

Skill Development Initiatives in India for Unskilled Youth

the aim behind launching skill development programmes in our country is to train around 40 crore people in different vocational areas by the end of year 2022. Accordingly, the government launched four separate initiatives to brush up talents of the unskilled Indian youth. National Skill Development Mission, the Skill Loan Scheme, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) and National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship are significant efforts made in this area.

PMKVY – The Flagship Idea of Centre

The launching of these programmes marked the World Youth Skills Day where the government targeted around 40.2 crore people to get skilled till 2022. The flagship scheme PMKVY looks forward to incentivising the skill training while offering financial rewards to such participants who are successfully able to complete the vocational programmes. It is estimated that the flagship initiative is about to train at least 24 lakh youth in a year. Under this, the talents of young minds working in the unorganised sector would be recognised through the skill development initiatives in India.

What The Project Holds?

Such workers generally lack formal certification and therefore, need to be recognised in order to get their due while they are employed. The special PMKVY scheme also organises mobilisation camps across India in collaboration with the Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, a skill development NGO to offer them training in groups.

Programme Success and RPL

The scheme has already organised such camps at almost 100 locations till now and a nationwide SMS campaign has already been rolled out to reach the 40 crore prospective subscribers. This resulted in the government reaching out to 1,000 centres across various regions of our country and cover about 50,000 youth in at least 100 separate job roles throughout the 25 sectors. Close to 10 lakh youth are to be assessed as well as certified through the skill development initiatives like Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the skills already possessed by them.

Skill Loan Scheme for the Needy

The Skill Loan Scheme sanctioned loans to almost 34 lakh youth who are seeking to opt for skill development programmes in the next five years. They have been doled out money between 5,000 to 1.5 lakh for getting enrolled into the vocational programmes. After finishing with the training, skill certificates and cards are awarded to the candidates on successful completion of their course. This allows the trainees to share their talent identity with employers and get exposure while looking for employment.

To this date, about 2,33,000 youth received certificates from institutes offering industrial training and almost 18,000 and above graduates got placed into jobs. And, the number is still counting with more such institutions coming up.

Skill Development Initiatives for Unskilled Youth

Any Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working for skill development basically focuses upon the four crucial steps to empower the youth of our country and make them a part of the efficient workforce. Their main focus lies in training towards self-reliance, entrepreneur development and women empowerment.

Though, the most important aspect above all is encouraging skill development initiatives. Entrepreneurs form the backbone of a nation as every single entrepreneur contributes to the national wealth. Keeping to this view, every individual must be encouraged to set up a business of his or her own to be financially independent and feel empowered while marking his or her contribution to the economy.

The non-profit organisations working to encourage skill development initiatives are making efforts to provide a better life to poor and vulnerable women especially widows. They are providing free-of-cost skill development training to them, according to which they teach them ways to earn a livelihood by tapping into their inherent potential. Their main focus is on the socio-economic development of the underprivileged and marginalized sections of the society.

Target Population for Imparting Life Skills

They are of the belief that it is the most important and much sought-after step in poverty alleviation and overall human development. The main motto behind organising a skill development programme is to make people self-reliant especially children, women, youth, elderly and orphans. Also, they especially focus on creating work opportunities for the rural masses. In addition, there are educational programmes to impart technical and vocational education to the youth and children so that they can stay connected with the world and improve their understanding at every level.

Reaching Out at the Grassroots

In this concern, the NGOs facilitate study materials, workshops, arrange public debates and conferences in any sector that comes under ambitious business plans. It has been already observed that by the end of 2020, almost 500 million people are about to reach a working age, which is to be the biggest in the world. Also, we are supposed to keep in mind that 80 percent of youngsters in our country could not even reach school. Therefore, a necessity was felt to impart vocational skills to the youth who are not competent enough to work as skilled labourers in order to meet the demand of various industries.

The non-profit organisations believe in giving a chance to the deprived youth and offer them opportunities for earning a decent livelihood without falling prey to long working hours. Continuous exposure to long hours of working as a casual labourer leads to battered bodies and minds. Offering life skills and vocational training to them may make the lesser privileged youth, a precious asset for the nation.

Mind Enhancement Drugs And Behavioral Drugs For Youth In School

Should our youth be allowed to take drugs to enhance their cognitive ability? Why not? If they are safe, they can help the child, youth or college student develop their minds. Think of the increase cognitive surplus to our society and civilization, maybe that child will grow up and be a research scientist and discover a cure for Cancer or HIV/AIDS. Maybe they will invent a new form of alternative energy to power the third world without pollution. See my points here.

Not long ago, a cognitive psychologist whose wife is a teacher differed in their assessment, here is what he had to say: “These IQ enhancing drugs can very much hurt a child as much as help. My wife is a teacher and I find the drugging of children to be an interesting aspect of our society. Some children do have mental need for these drugs I have no doubt. Other drugged children are too ‘rowdy’, or to put it another way, interested, engaged to the point of boredom in our school system, in need of exploring, creative.”

Absolutely correct, and I concur with his thinking on this. The number of children prescribed pharmaceuticals is well over the number that actually need them, I agree. I am also concerned that these same kids will be at risk to illegal drugs later are being given drugs now telling them it is okay for this purpose, it’s a set up without us realizing it, we are setting these kids up for a lifetime of drug use illegal or legal. Also kids with lots of energy, are just more alive often, meaning they everything is working right, why dummy them down into being docile to sit in perfect rows to learn?

Indeed, I am sure glad that they didn’t have those drugs when I was growing up, the offspring of a dad who was a fighter pilot and mom and Olympic Swimmer, hell, they would have prescribed them to me too, I had way too much energy compared to all the other rug rats!

My psychologist acquaintance and fellow thinker noted; “Interesting human dilemmas and opportunities coming upon us as we discover and create new technologies in all areas are exciting to consider. I think soon is when we will need that wisdom more than knowledge.”

True, so what if we could enhance a student’s mind to understand that concept and use that knowledge + wisdom to really take humanity to the next level, to do something great? Think on this.

The Inspiration Of Youth Sports Stars

As a young man, I was in youth track and cross-country and was able to rank nationally, and post 4-consecutive years with no loss and all first place, and I was lucky to find something I was good at early on in my life. I didn’t realize it back then when people use to come up and want to meet me and tell me how much they enjoyed watching me run and win. Today, I do understand, as it is an innate sense we have to watch others, especially underdogs, overcome and win. Perhaps why the Rocky series movies were so popular and why people like movies like the Karate Kid.

Recently, I watched a very inspirational YouTube video about a young athlete. A 7th grader cross-country runner who beat all the high girls at the State Championships, her name is Grace Ping. You might want to watch the following videos yourself:

1). “Grace Ping [GP], 7th grader, takes down the ENTIRE 2015 Roy Griak high school field” on the FloTrack Channel.
2). “GP Not Allowed to Race NXN” on the MileSplit Channel
3). “GP After Racing Pro 3K At UW Indoor” on the MileSplit Channel
4). “GP Story” Sean Tehan Channel
5). “GP – Athlete Of The Week” Chris Barriere Channel

One commenter wrote: “why am I watching this video, I’m not even in track let alone athletic.”

My reply was simple: “Because you love an individual with that level of spirit and will to win. We all do.”

You see, it makes us feel alive, it makes us smile and see someone go beyond, go the distance, defy the odds and win. Americans will always hold such values and hold a special place in our hearts for those who remind us what we are capable of. It turns out the super cross-country runner Grace is not just an anomaly – she is also a cross country skier – and those long skiing training endeavors helped her develop strong cardio, will, determination, high pain threshold, and legs of steal, even for a 13 year old.

It is amazing what the human body is capable of, and yes, she obviously has good genetics for running, but it’s more than that, it’s her intense training, training that is transferable from skiing to running. Interestingly enough most skills are transferable, especially the human trait of perseverance. She’s got that, and well, so do you. She’s found her “inner winner” and maybe it is time that you found yours too. Please consider all this and think on it.

Nostalgia Is All About Your Youth

Nostalgia is really only about one thing: youth – specifically your youth. Youth was a time when anything was possible and you believed that you could achieve whatever you imagined. You had your youth and health enabling you to fully explore and everything everywhere, your coming of age. Everything was new and exciting. Additionally everyone else around you was young, even your parents although you thought they were ‘old’ from a youngster’s perspective. Yet as you look back they were quite young and perhaps younger than you are now. Even your relatives – aunts, uncles and grandparents – who you thought were ancient are now considered youthful in retrospect – certainly in spirit.

That’s why despite the dystopian 1970s many who came of age during that era look back at it fondly in an extremely narrow way by cherry-picking with the focus on the art, culture, fashion, music while conveniently forgetting or ignoring the rampant drug use, violent crime, filth and decay of neighborhoods. The memories focus almost laser-like on those cultural and familial bubbles, a period when the middle class was economically comfortable and recessions didn’t destroy industries, not the white collar ones at least.

For those of that generation the world was simple – a world without the internet that oddly enough forced earlier generations to use their imagination and go outdoors, run around and get real exercise instead of in an airless gym. In those days everyone was slim except for the one fat kid who was fat only because of genetics. But he was running around too. In the 21st century it’s the reverse with the one skinny kid as the odd man out raising questions whether he’s the target of familial neglect and abuse.

When you left the apartment all you needed was your house keys and wallet. No one carried around a designer backpack filled with electronics, water bottles, gym clothes and other gear reserved in the past for serious multiday hiking. The gym was the street. The change in your pocket was for making calls from a street phone which meant that commitments were serious affairs so that when someone didn’t show up when they said they would there was genuine concern. Personal relationships were exclusively face-to-face as because long phone calls were expensive.

Mobile phones and the internet are not evil. They are modern tools with attributes which the human element corrupts to deliberately stay connected while at the same time keeping an arm’s length barrier. This method results in personal detachment and loneliness.

Nostalgia is all about you – quite self-serving in convincing yourself that the world was a better place years ago, but only for you and your generation. It’s not a bad thing. In fact it’s a source of psychological comfort, a temporary return “home” as long you apply yourself to recreate those experiences and happiness in the present going forward. Returning to an old hobby or lifestyle – certainly different nowadays but the recapturing of that experience is what matters most – happy to be happy. Used properly it’s a psychological placebo. Used improperly it’s a toxic brew that imprisons your mind in a past that no longer exists.

When you look back the danger is to be careful for what you wish for because we tend to create false memories. Things change and so must we. It’s all a matter of perspective.